Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bookmyshow scam in Bahubali 2 prebooking

So the time finaly came for Bahubali 2 release and everyone are eager to watch the movie on very first day. Many fake YouTube and small adds are being in circulation from sometime to get YouTube hits and get money.
Similarly bookmyshow (ticket booking website) also is first in the race. The Bahubali 2 release date was on 28th April 2017. Bookmyshow announced prebooking from April 10th 2017, millions of people did prebooking and none of them received confirmed tickets, infact the customers had to call bookmyshow customer care to get the status of their prebooking status.
So what was happened exactly what did do bookmyshow did with such huge money.  As expected many customers started calling bookmyshow customer care to get status. Bookmyshow customer care simply replied to most of it's customers that your prebooking transaction failed and the money will be credited back in 7 working days.

The question comes what did bookmyshow did with the money they collected from customers. Imagine all over India 500000 customers doing prebooking with an average ticket of 200 Rupees and bookmyshow holding public money for almost 25 days and finally washing their hands by saying your prebooking transaction failed  when asked in details they replied to many of it's customers that the prebooking is based on first come first serve, in that case how come they allowed customers to book prebooking tickets. Example of a customer select ha theatre or multiplex for prebooking and it's seating capacity is 500 seats and then when someone 501th customer trying to do prebooking how come bookmyshow allowed to do prebooking.
It's nothing but purely a business trick holding money for 25 plus days how much bookmyshow earned money by keeping that money in their bank account.

Many of it's customers are so irated with it and many are going to file case against bookmyshow in consumer forum.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

No vmkcore disk partition is available and no network coredump server has been configured. Host core dumps cannot be saved

Some time when you reboot esxi host or with other issue you did some hardware changes in esxi host.
we can find a error message on esxi host summary.

No vmkcore disk partition is available and no network coredump server has been configured. 
Host core dumps cannot be saved

How to Resolve

  • Connect the esxi host from SSH putty.
Enter below given comment, once you connect esxi host from putty.

esxcli system coredump partition set -u

It will resets the partition to a unconfigured status

esxcli system coredump partition set -e true -s

This sets the partition pre-existing to enabled it with the smart switch to automatically enable on restart.

Restart the esxi host now, the error will disappears. :)

Post your comments.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Error 1310: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\InfoPath SDK\WIZARD.hta

Hi All,

You might have came across the error as

"Error 1310: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\InfoPath SDK\WIZARD.hta"

while installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 ,

I faced the same issue and did lot of googling but didnt find any solution for it, Finally i found the solution with my research , it so simple

its System Antivirus :P

Yes i just disabled local system Antivirus and re-run the setup this time i didnt find any error and Visual Studio 2008 installation was successful. :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HP Thin Client OS installation

Hi All,

In continuing to my Previous Post on Thin Client for Installing HP Device Manager

Here am come with another post on Installing Embedded OS on HP Thin Client

How to Install Thin Client Image

You can download the HP Thin Client Embedded OS Image from HP Site. Below are 2 link of Embedded OS for HP Thin Client which are for my Thin Client Model. You can search for Embedded OS Image as per your Thin Client Model.

After downloading the Embedded OS the Image file looks like this.


You need to install the OS from a Pen Drive, so here this downloaded exe file makes Pen Drive Bootable.

Connect the Pen Drive to the system where you have downloaded the Embedded OS Image. Now double click the exe.

The below given screen will apears


Click on Next, below given screen will appear


Accept the License agreement and click on Next

 This will now exact the files from the download exe file.

After extracting the file run the exe from extracted file and below given windows will appear , click on 
 USB Format


After clicking on USB Format, below given screen will appear, here you need to select the drive letter of the Pen Drive attached.


Select the Drive letter of the Pen Drive , Click on Format


By Clicking on Format the Pen Drive now becomes a Bootable Pen Drive 

Now connect this Pen Drive to the Thin Client and boot the Device from Pen Drive,

You will get the option that you are about to install New OS and all the data which is present in the Thin Client will be removed.

select the Choices accordingly.

once done you will be prompted to remove the Pen Drive and boot the Thin Client

Do the Same.

That's it , Your Thin Client is now ready with new Embedded OS.

Post your queries on this.

Raju Gunnal