Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HP Thin Client OS installation

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In continuing to my Previous Post on Thin Client for Installing HP Device Manager

Here am come with another post on Installing Embedded OS on HP Thin Client

How to Install Thin Client Image

You can download the HP Thin Client Embedded OS Image from HP Site. Below are 2 link of Embedded OS for HP Thin Client which are for my Thin Client Model. You can search for Embedded OS Image as per your Thin Client Model.

After downloading the Embedded OS the Image file looks like this.


You need to install the OS from a Pen Drive, so here this downloaded exe file makes Pen Drive Bootable.

Connect the Pen Drive to the system where you have downloaded the Embedded OS Image. Now double click the exe.

The below given screen will apears


Click on Next, below given screen will appear


Accept the License agreement and click on Next

 This will now exact the files from the download exe file.

After extracting the file run the exe from extracted file and below given windows will appear , click on 
 USB Format


After clicking on USB Format, below given screen will appear, here you need to select the drive letter of the Pen Drive attached.


Select the Drive letter of the Pen Drive , Click on Format


By Clicking on Format the Pen Drive now becomes a Bootable Pen Drive 

Now connect this Pen Drive to the Thin Client and boot the Device from Pen Drive,

You will get the option that you are about to install New OS and all the data which is present in the Thin Client will be removed.

select the Choices accordingly.

once done you will be prompted to remove the Pen Drive and boot the Thin Client

Do the Same.

That's it , Your Thin Client is now ready with new Embedded OS.

Post your queries on this.

Raju Gunnal


  1. I have a t510 and downgrade the software to t5565 because I had sound problems and now the menu after the boot is not the same as it was and I can't configure it for a internal network ICA citrix.
    t5565_Z5X40109 Rev1_sp54566

  2. Try to install new Citrix ICA client downloaded from HP site.

    Check it should work.

  3. Thanks for your reply.
    I have linux os into the t510 not Windows CE.
    Is there any solution?
    Thank you.

  4. I'm trying to do this with a t5745 but the Thin Client won't boot from the pen drive, I'm just stuck at:

    'Remove disks or other media.
    Press any key to restart'

    Any advice?

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  6. Error the system dose not have license for the OS What can I do

  7. can I get image / OS with no license or crack OS?

  8. Thanks for excellent information about computer services.I was looking for this information.

    Linux Thin Client & Citrix Thin Client

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  10. I am getting this error:
    **ERROR** Target disk is too small.
    what's the problem?

  11. All worked well to the point of trying to boot Thin Client from the USB. An ERROR indicating no License for the OS image. Any crack?