Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Connecting USB to VMware VM

Hi All,

You might got an requirement to connect a USB device to a VM running in your Virtual Infrastructure.

The USB device may be a Dongle USB , other USB that is required for some of the software application to activated.

Here i show you how can you connect a USB device to the VM running on VMware ESX.

Assuming you have already VMware ESX running and a VM is running on it , now you are requirement is to connect a USB device to the VM.

to access the USB from VM you need to logically attach a USB device to the ESX server.

  Go to the Properties/Edit Settings of the VM and Click on Add Hardware, the below given screen will appear

Click on Next , the Below Screen will appear it will show you the type of the USB controller device in your ESX infrastructure.

Again Click on Next , the below screen will appear

It shows the summary , now click on Finish. The below screen will appear. Click on OK.

Now once you login to the VM and go to the Device Manager, here you can view the USB device drivers installed. Below given Image shows the same.

Now go to the Properties/Edit Settings of the VM and click on Add Hardware. The below given screen will appear. Here you can click on USB Device is showing as not available, This means that your VM has USB drivers installed but the USB device is not connected.

Now you need to connect the USB device to the ESX server and once you connect the USB device go to the same Edit Settings/Properties of the VM and click on Add Hardware , now this time you can see that the USB Device option is active , where as in just above image it was inactive because you have just connected the USB device.

Now click on Next the below given screen will apear, it shows the Type of USB device you have attached.

Click on Next and Finish. Now you can login to the VM and check your USB Device / USB Dongle is detected and your software application which required USB device is detected.

(In the above screen my USB is detected but the Next option is inactive that is because i have already used that USB device to one of my other VM)

That's it this is how you can use USB device in VMware VM.

Post your queries for any issues.

Raju Gunnal


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