Thursday, December 30, 2010

Administrator has Set Policies to prevent this installation

"Administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"

This kind of  error you will get , when you are installing .msi file,
and the installation will be cancelled. It may be on XP,Windows Server,Vista,Windows 7
To rectify this error you need to install a HotFix by micrsoft.
go to the below location and download the HotFix and install it , after installing it Reboot the system , it MANDATORY

and now install your .msi file.  It will work like Charm

any issue post here

Raju Gunnal


  1. Iam facing the same issue witdows 2000 server. the artile which you have posted is only for Win2003 and above. please help

  2. Dinesh,
    If you are using Windows 2000, i can suggest you to use this link
    Download it and try to run your tool

  3. I was facing the same problem with windows 2007 but this article helped me a lot. I got the my mistake. Now it is working fine.

  4. At the posted link to Microsoft it says that this does not apply to Windows XP. Where can I find the solution for Windows XP sp2?

  5. Where can i find solution for Win 7? Your link is for Win server 2003 only.

  6. Win 7 and XP i will post it soon.