Sunday, January 2, 2011

Future laptop called ROLLTOP

The Future Laptop Called ROLLTOP

We may be at the top of the computer technology field as we are about to receive product named Roll Top Laptop. This is a laptop which can be rolled up as traditional newspaper when it is not in use. It would serve as 13 inch screen with keyboard or 17 inch screen as full display. It also comes up with the detachable hub which has power adapter, web camera, speakers and usb ports.

Orkin design made it easier. You shall easily carry it to anywhere you go. You can carry it as you carry laptops instead with ease.

You can use this device as the tablet to write on it and it comes with touchscreen. It is really pretty cool feature and the it has the stylus too.

You can use this as the dedicator monitor to watch your favourite videos using it. OLED display makes everything becomes true and live. It will serve as 17″ screen at that time.

You can watch the video below till the product gets unveiled in the market.


  1. Wow its really amazing that in future you can roll your laptop like a paper.hope that it will be light weighted like paper.I also thing that it will use digital signature to unlock

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