Saturday, December 25, 2010

Manage HP ThinClient Device with HP Device Manager

Manage and Control your HP ThinClient with HP Device Manager,

With the HP Device Manager ,we can manage and controll all HP ThinClient device centrally,update patches,deploy images,all at one place.

HP Device Manager

HP Device Manager is a server-based application that provides sophisticated centralized administration
capabilities for thin client devices running HP software. Features of HP Device Manager include
Centralized management of software configuration and upgrades.
A central server-based database
The ability to easily create, store and update tasks.
4   The ability to report on work done and task status.
The ability to access any file or the system registry in thin client devices.
6  XML-based task file.
Design tool for administrator to create tasks.
User-friendly graphical user interface.
Easy and powerful repository management.
10 Support for WAN environment.
11 Windows® XPe device management.
12 Windows CE device management
13 Linux device management
14 Easy to change Enhanced Write Filter setting for XPe Agent.
15 The ability to adjust the response time
16 Communicate with Data Encryption and Data Compression between HP Management Server and
17 Easy to set the work mode of Agent.

Soon i will post the steps , how to install HP Device Manager and How to Connect HP ThinClient with HP Device Manager

Now you can find the installation steps and requirement of HP Device Manager

Raju Gunnal


  1. Great info site. One question - How do you license and buy the software?


  2. Really great information.As you listed the features of HP Device Manager.It really seems promising Centralization is the best among others.Thanks for writing informative blog.

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