Saturday, December 25, 2010

Unable to Open Registry

You may be notied that some time in your system you are unable to open your system Registry, When you try to open registry you may see warning messages like "unable to open registry","dont have permission" many,

This kind of warning error comes , when your system registry got corrupted or some Virus ,Trogen effect, but if you know its solution to remove Virus and you want to enter in Registry, but you can't, as registry writing is also blocked
The Virus will not only block your registry, but also you can'nt able to open your msconfig,taskmanager.

For temporary solution to get the access to your registry, you can download a XP Emergeny Utility Tool
you can download it freely, i have given the below link from there too you can download it

After downloading it, its a executable file, just run it, now you can able to get access to your registry, msconfig and taskmanager.

Raju Gunnal

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  1. Great Man ! This emergency tool is looking to be powerful tool. Using this we can easily remove the Trojan virus from our system. How did you able to know about this tool ? In last, I just want to say that your post is quite informative for me..thank you very much !