Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unable to ping Windows 2008 server

Yes , you installed freshly or already existing Windows Server 2008, and you can able to ping from server 2008 to other system but can'nt able to ping from other system to server 2008, and this also restrict us to take remote connection (RDP) of server 2008,
This problem arise because of windows firewall need to be turned off and a inbound rule need to be created in server 2008 , so that other system on the network can able to ping it and helps to connect it RDP.
Follow the steps given below you will able to get it (Ping server 2008) and  (RDP to Windows Server 2008)

  1. Start-Administrative tools-Select Windows Firewall with Advanced security
  2. In the left pane side of Windows Firewall with Advanced security console, Right click on inbound  Rules node in the left pane and click on New Rule
  3.  3. On the Rule type page, Select Custome option,Click Next
    4. On the Program page, select the All Programs option and click Next.
5. On the Protocol and Ports page, click the down arrow in the Protocol Type drop down list, and select the ICMPv4 option. Click the Customize button. In the Customize ICMP Settings dialog box, select the Specific ICMP types option. Then put a checkmark in the Echo Request checkbox. Click OK.

       6. Click Next on the Protocol and Ports page.

7.  In the Scope dialog box, accept the default settings for the local and remote IP addresses, which is Any IP address. Click Next.
8. On the Action page, select the Allow the connection option and click Next
        9. On the Profile page, remove the checkmarks from the Private and Public checkboxes and click Next.

10.  On the Name page, give the rule a name. In this example we’ll name the rule Allow ICMP Request. Click Finish.
11. You can see the Allow ICMP Request rule in the list of inbound rules.           

Now Check the Server 2008, before that once restart your server 2008 if possible, and check the ping and remote from other system to server 2008, you will get it now.

Raju Gunnal 


  1. Sorry Sir.... Its still not working. Please suggest something

  2. If still its not working means can you check the computer browser in both the system and make sure you start that service, and i hope once if you restart the computer browser service , you can get the remote or able to ping to Windows Server 2008

  3. It looks like you missed the start of servicing as I also get same thing before and then I start the service and reboot my system and found that everything worked fine..

  4. I still can't ping my server. And I can't connect via Remote Desktop.

    However I can connect to it via Team Viewer, which means it has an active internet connection.

    I've tried pretty much everything from regedit port changing, restarting services, checking groups, running telnet requests, and turning off firewall completely.

    I'm dazzeled..

    Everything was working before I Moved the server to a new location.

    And btw, it's not behind any router since it's connected to a fiber line.

  5. Hi Andre,
    Also try to allow RDP port 3389 from the same steps given above but from Step 3 select the Port instead of custom and mention 3389 port. More over also check this Windows Server 2008 and you are trying to connect RDP both are in same subnet, try to telnet 2008 server IP with port 3389 check the result.

    Hope this will surely resolve your issue.

    1. Hi RajuG, and thank you for your reply.

      Since there's already a default exeption for Remote Desktop in windows Firewall, the port 3389 should be open.

      The server is in a different city, so cant try the same net.

      telnet *servername* 3389 gives blank screen = which means connection is successful?