Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Use IIS without Local Administrator Rights

Follow the below steps to allow the user to manage IIS (Internet Information Services) without the local administrator rights:
1) First Login with the local administrator rights.
2) Than to Control Panel and then Add/Remove Programs and then Windows Components. Then, install IIS components.(with i386)
3) After installing IIS, you have to Download “IIS Resource Kit Tools” from the below given link
IIS Resource Kit Tools (
4) After Download "IIS Resource Kit Tool" , Install it.
5) Now you have to open file "Metabase Explorer” from the below given path
C:\Program Files\IIS Resources\Metabase Explorer
6) In “IIS Metabase Explorer” window, right click on the computer name and select the “Permissions” tab
7) Now Add the user to whom you want to provide IIS access and give permission as "Read".
8) Now right click on the "LM" node and click on permission
9)If any Security Warning dialog box appears, then just click on NO.
10) Now in Permission , add the user give him with "Read"
11)Than, expand “LM” node and then right click on “W3SVC” node and select Permissions.add the user and give him with "Full" Permissions
12) Now Expand "W3SVC"
13) Right Click on "Filters" and "Info" and select Permission and add the user with "Full" permissions
14) Now ext the Metabase Explorer.
15) You need to logoff now.
16) Now login with the user account to whom you have provided access rights and try to Manage IIS Manage Console.
It will work perfect

This way you can use IIS without providing the user's with Local System Administrator Rights.

Raju Gunnal


  1. Thanks Raju , you solved my problem.

  2. it works on IIS 7.5? thanks

  3. Great Solution friend it worked for me. awesom thanks for providing wonderfull solution.


  4. The given post describes use of IIS without local administrator rights. The given post includes the steps for doing the given task without rights. The steps are very well described. I have implemented the above steps and they are working absolutely well.

  5. ? in windows server8r2 I can only run theiis manager as Administrator... , so how do get over that bridge?
    and yes I will google it..just though I would ask while here

  6. solution
    so I get prompted for admin credentials, but enter credentials/pwd of current user.
    I then must make a server connection - there are none by default.
    so to enable a connection I follow the steps in
    and it works for 2008r2 server

  7. It is not working over windows 7 with visual studio 2010.

    If it is working for you guys please let us know

    your help will be highly appreciable


  8. Hi Raju Gunnal,

    Can a similar setup be applied on iis 7? I have not been able to locate an iis 7 resource toolkit for download. I therefore am not sure how to grant iis rights on a PC if the user is not a member of the local admins group. My organisation wants to remove the need for RDP access to web servers for iis administration. I would like to grant the users iis rights on their local iis so that they can then connect to the web servers to administer iis without the need to RDP onto the web servers.


  9. Hi Raju

    Sorry to reopen a potentially dead thread but I don't suppose anyone has successfully managed this with IIS 7.5?

  10. Hi Raju,

    Can you please suggest for IIS7+


  11. Hi Raju,

    Its work for windows xp,but windows 7 i am unable to provide access rights for the users.How can i provide access?