Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Earn in Dollar from your Twitter Account

Well, Twitter is known as a social networking tool where the members can post a “tweet” with maximum of 140 characters in it. For example see the tweets from my 3 Twitter accounts as given below:

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PureAndHealthy is giving $10 discounts for posting a twitter / FB message! Get yours by visiting www.pureandhealthy

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I have 3 Twitter accounts currently and I am going to increase them to 100s(if I am able to handle them).

When I already have these accounts, then what can be so special that I am willing to have more of such interesting Twitter account?

Well, there are many ways to earn from Twitter marketing. Many sites pay us for posting advertisements which are also known as sponsored tweets. When someone clicks on those tweets we get paid. Different websites offer different ways of earning from the tweets.

1. MyLikes

MyLikes.com is a new advertising platform that connects advertisers and Twitter users. You can make money via tweeting as well as posting links with your MyLikes code on your own website, blog, or online page. They Pay via PayPal weekly, there are many sponsored campaigns to choose from, and you can advertise your own links via MyLikes as well. ponsored Tweets requires a minimum of $ 50 before the user can cash. MyLikes require only a minimum balance $ 2.

2. RevTwt

There are many other websites which pay you by pay per click methods when someone clicks on the tweets you post on your Twitter account. This means that you sign up to the websites and give them permission to select the ads for tweets and post them on your Twitter accounts. When someone clicks on it, you get paid. Generally, different websites pay different amount of money for each click. Revtwt pays you 5 to 20 cents per click. Payment is through Paypal when you reach $20 and through check when you reach $100.

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SponsoredTweets.com is a Twitter advertising platform, owned by IZEA, that connects advertisers with Tweeters. Advertisers can create sponsored conversations on Twitter. Tweeters can earn money for spreading the word. Think of it as the Pay Per Tweet version of Pay Per Post.
You only need to allow SponsoredTweets access to twitter account to it can calculate the value of a tweet or click on each click.

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Magpie is also a good site to earn from twitter, only you need to tweet ads, Only bad thing would be that if the tweets posted by Magpie would be looking like Spam you are risking your account because your followers may stop following you and start ignoring you. Though you have the option to limit the number of tweets you would allow them to make and also have a disclaimer before or after the tweet message in order to make your followers know that these are paid tweets.Minimum Cashout Amount is 50$.

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Twittad is also site where you can tweets their ads and earn money from twitter account, Minimum withdrawal amount is 30$.

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This above given are the beast sites from where we can earn money from twitter account, My favorite site in above is MyLikes
There are also some other sites similar, but not much popular.

All the best goahead and Earn online.

Raju Gunnal


  1. You mentioned that there are many ways to earn from Twitter marketing. Many sites pay us for posting advertisements which are also known as sponsored tweets.Can you please give links of those site.I want to earn money with my twitter account

  2. HI,
    Above itself i have given link of that companies from where we can earn, click on it and create your login. and Tweet the ads if click you will earn...