Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upgrading vSphere 4.0 to vSphere 5.0

Hi All,

In this Blog am showing you how to upgrade vSphere 4.0 to vSphere 5.0,

here am installing vSphere 5.0 on the already installed vSphere 4.0 , vSphere 4.0 is installed on VMware Workstation 7

so lets starts.

I have started the already installed vSphere 4.0

1. In the Below screen you can see already installed vSphere 4.0 , here we are going to upgrade it to vSphere 5.0

2. Select the vSphere 4.0 settings and select CD and show the ISO of vSphere 5.0 which you have downloaded.

3. Now, restart the vSphere 4.0

4. Select the ESC button to get the boot device screen and select CD Rom and enter

5. Select ESXi 5.0 Installer.

6. Now its booting with ESXi 5.0 CD

7. Loading the Screen

8. Here you can see the Welcome Screen for vSphere 5.0 , Click on Enter to continue

9. Select F11 to accept VMware EULA

10. Installation is scanning the available Devices

11. In The below screen it shows the Storage devices, where you want to install, here I have local datastore of 20 GB, selecting the same and click on Enter to continue

12. Installation is gathering the selected device information

13. In the below screen select the first option “Migrate ESX, preserve VMFS datastore” if you are upgrading vSphere 4.0 to vSphere 5.0

And Click Enter to continue

14. Scanning the additional information about the Device

15. The installation is asking for confirmation about Migration , enter F11 to migrate

16. In the below screen vSphere 5.0 migration process is started

17. See the below screen migration process is still going on

18. In the below screen , we are getting Alert to set the VPXA password , upon reboot we can set the password and Enter to continue

19. Installation again contnues

20. Installation is Completed Successfully , here am using trial version of vSphere 5.0 after the trial version you can apply the license for vSphere 5.0

21. Installation done, rebooting the vSphere 5.0

22. Installation successful , now you can login in vsphere 5.0

23. Now login to vsphere 5.0 from vsphere client

24. VMware infrastructure loaded successfully, showing the Trial period remaining.

25. Here you can see my Old VM Inventory present when it was in vsphere 4.0

26. Powering on VM to check whether its working fine or not

27. VM is booting successfully

28. Logging into VM

29. Successfully logged in VM.

VMware vSphere 4.0 upgradation done successfully to vSphere 5.0 without any issues.

Please comment here if you face any issues in upgrading. :)

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